In order to attract and retain the right talent, Autodesk moved from Waltham to 27 Drydock Ave in Boston in January 2016.  Autodesk’s concept for their new headquarters conference center was to construct 3-D “rooms”, walls and ceilings using DIRTT.  Creative Office Pavilion partnered with East Coast to develop the concept and install these one-of-a-kind spaces.  East Coast sent 2 skilled carpenters to the DIRTT factory to work with the engineers to plan and design the mock-up. The final installation required 13 ½ tons of steel, all coordinated by East Coast. 


Architect: Spagnolo & Gisness

Contractor: Consigli

Architectural Walls: Creative Office Pavilion\ with DIRTT

Conference Rooms: Seating, Ancillary: Workflow Interiors