Our family owned 70,000 square foot warehouse is at the core of a successful installation

Our warehouse staff are on the frontline ensuring your project has the required product, materials and tools, keeping it on schedule, guaranteeing .a professional installation

Our workshop allows our skilled carpenters to build product off-site, reducing on-site installation time

Our facility has nine loading docks that can accommodate full sized tractor trailers

Twenty logistic warehouse operations staff are on site

The success we continue to achieve is the results of the hardwork and expertise of our operations staff

East Coast's operations staff has an average of 20-years in the furniture and wall installation industry

Our dedicated staff are there to ensure smooth a smooth installation of your project.

We have a fleet of delivery trucks and service vans.

With a fleet of 21 vehicles, East Coast has invested in a fleet of delivery and service vehicles to  ensure our customers needs are met.

Our delivery trucks are manned by our work crews and equipped with lift gates to prevent accidents while loading and unloading..

Our service vans are stocked with equipment and supplies to ensure installations go smoothly and quickly.