East Coast Office Installation understands we have a role to play in reducing the impact of our business on the environment. We have developed policies and initiatives to reduce landfill materials and recycle, reuse and re-purpose most warehouse and job site waste.

It starts with the packaging used in order to ensure your products arrive in perfect condition

Furniture (and many of the other products that are part of your design) are transported in packaging that include cardboard, Styrofoam, wooden pallets, and plastic, all of this material quickly adds up, East Coast has implemented procedures that recycles up to 80% of all packaging materials. 

We use best-practices throughout the installation process to minimize material waste, and recycle waste on site or it is brought back to the warehouse for recycling.

We have helped our customers donate, liquidate or recycle tons of furniture and equipment in the past few years.



All recyclable product shipping materials are recycled in the warehouse




We make every effort to recycle all materials on job sites




Provide our customers with assistance liquidating their furniture